Episode 169

Rainbows, Unicorns and Death


Due to technical difficulties and bad timing Rodney could not make the episode. Our guest Windstead from the Technically PVP podcast joins in the carnival by talking about goal setting in PVP and hopes for PVP during Battle for Azeroth. Kevin and Windstead also have a bonus discussion from the multiple records at the end of the credits. Stick around and enjoy!

Weekly Herald: 6:56
Center Ring: 22:15
Sideshow of Suck: 49:55
Bloodlust or Heroism: 57:21
From the Mouths of Orc Babes: 1:07:15
Answer Us This: 1:15:29
Bonus hour: 1:28:46

Technically PVP: http://technicallypvp.libsyn.com/