Epsiode 164

eSporting a New Coat

Rodney and Kevin are joined this week by Gwozz from the Weekly Blizz podcast to talk all about eSports at Blizzcon. Gwozz also joins in the fun for Project Silvermoon: Represent Darnassus, Kevin tries his hand at Druid healing and Rodeny schools the other hosts about using “f” keys.

Episode 160

Riding the Shame Moose to the WoW Conference

This week Rodney and Kevin discuss good over gear in the center ring and lick their wounds after a tragic defeat in Project Silvermoon. Also be sure to check out and support friend of the show Pat’s interchangeable monster toys at http://bio-mastersdesign.com/category/bio-masters/

Episode 148

Where Everyone Knows Your Name

Reb and Kevin are back and discussing how to make Warcraft more immersive while raging about the Grimtotem! There is a new Project Silvermoon Challenge involving Tabards (http://www.wowhead.com/item=43349/tabard-of-brute-force) and the crew tackles emails from our listeners regarding the discussion about flying. All this and more awaits you under the big top!