Episode 241

United Republic of Kalimdor

Podcast: Download (94.3MB) Subscribe: Android | RSSThis week Sal and Kevin talk about the great things that may or may not be coming in Patch 8.3 (Pre launch announcement), study the polls on who should be the next Orc and Horde leader and Kevin shares is Transmog farming woes in Bloodlust or Heroism

Episode 239

Modern Thoughts

Podcast: Download (91.2MB) Subscribe: Android | RSSIn this episode Sal and Kevin discuss the success of Classic WoW, the new recruit a friend system and Blizzcon Predictions. Our hosts then share their moments of suck, listener Obtuse sends in his Heroism over Classic WoW and then go over the addons we are using in Classic. … Continue reading Episode 239: Modern Thoughts

Episode 228

The 7th Hour

This is it! The 7th anniversary of the Darkmoon Herald! Sal and Kevin celebrate by giving away prizes to our listeners, then have a huge discussion regarding the proposed leveling squish. We read the answers to Answer Us This and then announce the next Project Silvermoon Challenge. All this and much more on this jam packed episode.